INSPIRE and LEAD change with video, one story at a time.

Video - is an indispensable teaching tool.

It helps to motivate audiences and to move thinking.


At Creative Theory Group, we work regularly with APAC's leading universities, TAFEs, education and teaching providers, delivering a range of innovative, persuasive, engaging and creative videos. 


Our video production work in the education sector includes promotional, brand, on-boarding and induction videos, e-events, interviews and testimonials, personalised letters of offer and entire e-learning resource packages. 


How can video support the aims of your institution? 

Find out below.

education storytelling

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Education is the "greens" or nutrient goodness in your content.


Your audience are seeking educative content that inspires them, delights them and teaches them something of real substantive value.


But they respond best to educative experiences that do all of the above while also finding unique ways of entertaining them.


Interaction is the "protein", it stimulates the brain and the muscles and takes a concept and turns it into an experience.


The interaction of well conceived education content typically highlights socio- emotional learning.


This means not only learning a life lesson, but providing opportunity for applying it outside of the content and using it appropriately.


Engagement is the "sweets" in your education content.


Engagement is largely delivered by entertaining experiences and fun.


But it can also mean creating a wider opportunity for the audience to engage with the world of the content - both online and eventually at your school/institution.


A key opportunity here is to create one of a kind opportunities for the audience to share in and engage with.





​Client: SISHK

Campaign: eFamily Fest 2020

Producer: Harry Pang

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