Creative Theory Group was started by two people who truly believe in the power of imaginative visual storytelling.

The company develops and produces feature films, television and streaming content with a focus on stories that are set in Asia but have a global appeal for world wide audiences.


Our mission: to make a lasting impact on global audiences by creating a unique home for artists to collaborate and create and to share diverse, distinctive stories that inspire human connection.


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Reid a hard working IT Consultant from London has recently relocated to Hong Kong to be with his girlfriend of six months Eve.


While serving his mandatory 14 day isolation, Reid is dumped by Eve, meets and falls for the beautiful and mysterious Aubrey and contends with the challenges of finding love in isolation.


All while finding out if someone you meet while you weren't really looking can indeed end up being the love of your life...


Director: Thomas J Elliott

Producer: Harry Pang

Writer: Melody Smith

Status: Pre-Production

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Hong Kong,1982.

Taxi driver Lam Kor-Wan, an unsuccessful loner, constantly, almost obsessively, reflects to himself on the ugly corruption of life around him, and becomes increasingly disturbed over his own loneliness and alienation.

Abused by his father, misunderstood by his mother and his sibling and with no strong friendships or guidance he begins to slip further and further into the dangerous dark world of fantasy and imagination where anything is possible.

In the discreet and private world of his taxi cab, where he can only look out at the world around him (but never engage with it) his mind turns to murder.

On February 3rd, 1982 his fantasy would sadly become a reality for the first time, when a 21 year old girl would become the first of four young lives tragically taken by "The Rainy Night Butcher".

Red Rain is the  story of one man's descent into a dark, disturbing and mad fantasy world, the consequences of his actions and the chase to catch him before he kills again.

Based on actual events.


Writer/Director: Thomas J Elliott

Producer: Harry Pang

Status: Pre-Production