Video production could easily be considered a highly unsustainable business.


It requires a huge amount of energy and resources throughout the production process – from the endless paper documents to high-powered lighting, generators and lots of transport.

At Creative Theory Group we believe that it is our professional and ethical responsibility to minimise the impact of our numerous film and video productions on the world we live in: socially, economically, and environmentally.


As such we have decided that every project we work on should incorporate some level of sustainability to it, not withstanding specific stated goals voiced by our clients.


Creative Theory Group uses an approach that emphasises film and video productions role in

promoting sustainability and energy efficiency.


To maximise the positive impact our team begin planning in the required elements when the scope for the project is first being developed.


Many of the best and most beneficial strategies add little or no cost to the project.


As well as identifying possible strategies for energy efficiency, we can set goals for the project to

meet and grow your CSR and sustainability goals.


Some of the basic steps we take in our business:

Running a 98% Paperless Business Model

At Creative Theory Group we do not print call sheets, scripts or other materials and run a 98% Paperless Business Model.

The only documents printed are those legally required for running our business and to do so we use an outside service (we do not keep or maintain a printer or copier on our premises).

Minimising Transportation For Our Crews

To reduce our carbon footprint we ensure that as much as possible our cast and crew take shared transportation (car pooling) - minimising the amount of vehicles required for our shoots and wherever possible choosing the greenest form of transportation.

Whenever possible we have our cast and crew take public transportation over private commercial vehicles.

Eliminating Single Service Plastic On Set

We do not provide single use plastic water bottles on our set and instead provide our crews with their own refillable water bottles that can be re-used from shoot to shoot.

We do not use disposable coffee cups unless they are 100% recyclable and can be recycled at the end of the filming day.

Further more we select catering options that do not use plastic containers and who support environmentally friendly practices (both in their food creation and delivery to set options).


Reducing Our Power Consumption


We have upgraded all of our lighting to select the lowest power consumption models that don’t compromise light output and still offer us the most options for our filming needs.

Wherever possible we reduce power consumption by turning off all lights and electrical equipment that is not being used.


This extends to our post-production services.

If you are looking to a sustainable and environmentally conscious video production partner in Hong Kong please contact Harry Pang at Creative Theory Group.